Take your sports bar or restaurant to the next level by integrating FanWagon!

Why we should partner.

FanWagon channels the fanhood of your guests by gamifying your offering. Every play called, kick made, and basket taken during the big game, is a chance for you, and your guests to score, big!

What's in it for you

  • Increased customer visits
  • Longer customer stays - (larger checks)
  • Increased repeat customers

What's in it for your guests

  • Heightened engagement
  • Bragging rights
  • The ultimate game day experience

How it works

Your customers can use the FanWagon app to check-in to your bar or restaurant, instantly making your menu or merchandise available to them as gifts. When a game or event has finished, the winner can be given a gift from your menu as a gift. Gifting is NOT mandatory!

We take your customers and turn them into FANS.


Check In & Debate

Your customer checks in to your bar/restaurant on their mobile device with the FanWagon app, and engages in a game chat with another customer.

Game Concludes

When the game is over, the person with the winning pick can be gifted.

Loser makes Purchase

If the losing customer decides to gift the winner, they are given the option to purchase the gift directly from the FanWagon app.

Winner gets Gift card.

Winner gets gift card representing the gift they won.

When a customer receives a gift card, it can be accessed on their mobile device with the FanWagon app. Gift cards can only be redeemed at the location that it was purchased.

The team at FanWagon has worked tirelessly to make this a seamless user experience for you and your customers.


Complete Registration

Registering with us allows us to maintain a point of contact and gives us the ability to be a resource for you.

Upload Menu & Merch

Got menu items you want your guests to try? Know the game day favs? We’ll help you upload and promote the prize items!


Customers watch live sports and engage in bets, while having the option to gift one another merch.

Let's work together!



  • Customers can check-in at your location to play.
  • Up to 6 menu items available for gifting.
  • $2.30 + 3% of gift price per transaction.



  • Customers can check-in at your location to play.
  • Customers can play by being within a 35 mile radius of your location.
  • Up to 20 menu items available for gifting.
  • 2 FanWagon door stickers for your place of business.
  • $0.30 + 3% of gift price per transaction.
  • Online marketing in your local area.


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We can help you introduce a customized experience for your customers.

  • Multiple locations to same restaurant.
  • Unlimited menu items available for gifting.
  • Advanced analytics and insights about your customers.
  • Other custom features to enhance the experience.
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